7 Perfect Jeans for Women with Long Torso

It is easy to find perfect pair of jeans if you have tall legs. However, it is hard to find a perfect pair of jeans if you are a short woman with long torso. There are brands which make suitable jeans for women with long torso. We searched and found 7 such brands. You are welcome.

Mother Denim high waisted looker

These jeans make the legs look longer; this is why your torso appears smaller than they are.

Barbara High Waist Super Skinny jeans

These jeans are one of the best jeans available for women with longer midsection. High waist can magically make your body more balanced with longer legs.

AMO cotton jeans

These jeans make the waist look smaller. It also creates an illusion of shorter midsection.

NYDJ extra long midline

These jeans by NYDJ are super cool. They have a vintage look and can make your legs look longer and thus torso shorter.

AVA skinny in cosmic

These jeans makes the legs look much longer. It makes waist look smaller. Since they are high rise jeans your torso will look smaller. They create a slimming effect, too.

Frame high rise skinny jeans

Frame high rise skinny jeans are perfect for any kind of women body. They make legs look leaner and longer.

AG high rise flaire jeans

AG jeans make the legs look very long. Obviously torso looks shorter because of that.